HELILEO is certified ISO 9001: 2008

Workshop for electronic prototyping cards "Fabelec".

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On June 10 , HELILEO has delivered its AKKA Technologies centimetric positioning system for automotive application.

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HELILEO franchit un cap avec sa certification

Le journal Sud-Ouest a publié un article sur HELILEO concernant la remise du certificat ISO 9001.

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The aim of the NIDS project is to analyze, localize and represent all the GNSS interferences disturbing the geolocation performances on the French territory.

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To develop its prototypes, since august 2014 HELILEO has equipped itself of a electronic cards workshop named “FABELEC”. This one is at your availability in order to protect (PI) and accelerate your development.

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This project involved the development of tools and processes for optimizing the routing of the parcel on the final kilometer, in order to minimize the power consumption required for transportation.

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